PennWhite ISO 9001 Certification Renewed.

Earlier this month Intertek Certification carried out an in depth re-certification audit of PennWhite’s ISO 9001 Management Systems.

During the 2-day audit Intertek reviewed PennWhite’s production procedures, checked the traceability of goods and the management of non-conformances, as well as talking to staff about sales order processing and purchasing. Afterwards Intertek were able to confirm that the policies and procedures in place at PennWhite remain in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and subsequently extended our certification for a further 3 years.

Technical Director Mark Humphries commented that "The principles and objectives of ISO 9001 are well entrenched within our business and even after all these years still help us to improve our products and service . ISO 9001 contunues to deliver benefits for both PennWhite and its customers, year after year."